About Us

Welcome to Relax manzil

Our idea for Relax Manzil has been in works for quite some period of time, and our approach can be characterized by combining the unparalleled beauty and aesthetics of West Bengal with accommodation facilities that can be intrinsically classified as being modern. We believe that preserving and utilizing the presence of nature and its very restorative advantages to our and our patrons’ advantage because we happen to originate from the place itself, and we know what truly really clicks with the place according to our own business model. Though the founders of Relax Manzil have spent five years in Germany, and their experience is translated into the many innovations made with respect to this project at large.
The care for all our clients and patrons are quite important to us as well as the preservation of nature that we have been fortunate to experience and know the value of!
As such, it would be the greatest pleasure to welcome you amidst this very beautiful creation that we have built around nature itself.

Relax Manzil is a resort project situated in Mellock (Deulti), and it is perhaps the perfect solution for you and your family if you happen to be exhausted and tired treading along with the unrelenting race, which is essentially the state of urban, modern life today. Once you visit Relax Manzil, your mind and body is immediately relaxed and relieved due to the perfect atmosphere with the lush green flora, and a variety of interesting encounters with nature at its most beautiful.

Our efforts started all the way back in 2010, and we have been able to realize a great and healthy resort location where almost anyone can find peace of mind and restore their respective constitutions as they are actually supposed to be. The size of our Relax Manzil plan and groundwork extends to almost 10 acres (25 bighas), and our rooms are extremely cozy to reside in with air conditioning provided to these who prefer such forms of technology. Interested parties might find that the location is just beyond the environs of Kolkata, and one may reach this wondrous place in one and a half hours through the Bombay Road from the heart of the metropolitan itself.